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About the company

Kilia-Medium s.r.o. was started in January 2008.

The purpose of starting Kilia-Medium s.r.o. was to merge the development capacity, to use ' development engineers' many years of experience of the German Kilia GmbH and the Slovak Medium Trade s.r.o. companies, and create optimal conditions for the speeding up the development of new production lines for the food industry by using FineCUT machines.

MEDIUM Trade s.r.o. financed the development of machines for the food industry between 2004 and 2007. The development focused on fine cutting processes, with the emphasis on preserving the microbiological properties of the raw material being processed. The result of that process was a new unique technical solution for the cutting head, which became the basis for the design of FineCUT fine-cutting machines. That technical solution is protected as a utility model No. 4468 (PUV No. 26), registered by the Slovak Industrial Property Office. MEDIUM Trade s.r.o. started manufacturing FineCUT machines in 2005.

The deployment of the machines in meat processing plants confirmed the excellent utility parameters and the excellent quality of the output raw material.

Ing. Milan GUBA & Ing. Ladislav PAVLIČKO