Meat mixing and dressing machine of different structure

FineMIX mixer is designed for the food industry. Its main use is in meet-processing operations for mixing and salting meet of various structure. It is made of high quality stainless steel (INOX). It meets the most stringent hygienic and safety criteria of the European standards.

Design elements and utility features:

  • The design of the mixers uses the properties of blades as well as of a warm screw. This type of mixers provides increased efficiency of mixing, which shortens the processing time.
  • The emptying of the mixer is done through two emptying outlets. During the emptying, both mixers push the raw materials towards the outlets, which secures perfect emptying.
  • The mixer can be opened and closed by one hand.
  • The mounting of the mixing blades allows their easy removal and cleaning outside of the mixer's container.


  • In its basic version, the drive is provided by a two-speed motor.
  • Upon request, it is possible to supply the mixer with a variable speed drive, allowing smooth changes of speed.

Technical parameters