Machine designed for very fine cutting and grinding of raw material

FineCUT is a machine of a new generation, designed for very fine cutting and milling of raw materials. It is made of high quality stainless steel (INOX). It meets the most stringent hygienic and safety criteria of the European standards. It is intended in particular for the food, pharmaceutical, cosmetic and chemical industries.

Design elements and utility features :

  • The two-stage cutting head is installed vertically. The design of the knives eliminates an increase in temperature between the first and second stages and the subsequent possible damage to the raw material's structure.
  • All sub-assemblies of the machine are made as independent units, which allows to make possible repairs by replacement.
  • The drive is provided by a standard electric motor through V-belts, without special requirements for its operational parameters.
  • The rotor's and stator's knives can be ground on their faces while there is no change in diameters or widening of the cutting slots.
  • The operation and routine maintenance of the machine is not demanding, it does not require special training of the personnel.
  • The optimal height of the hopper in the working position (at maximum 800 mm above the floor) allows to fill it directly from classic cutters or mixers.
  • The machine is equipped with an automatic lubrication device SKF SYSTEM 24, which secures optimal supply of the lubricant according to a selected programme.
  • The machine is built on castors. The front one swivels, which simplifies the handling and locking of the machine in the working position.

Areas of use :

Food industry

  • Meet processing - sausages, spreads, emulsions
  • Production of emulsion from pig skin
  • Processing of poultry bones - production of fodder
  • Processing of fruit and vegetables - pastes, dressings
  • Production of baby fruit formula
  • Production of mayonnaise

Chemical industry

  • Production of fine homogenous mixtures

Pharmaceutical and cosmetic industries

  • Production of creams

Other possibilities of the machine:

In its standard version, the machine is equipped with a stator with 1.2 mm slots of the 1st stage and 0.3 mm slots of the 2nd stage, which is suitable for the finest meat cutting and the production of emulsions from skins.

Upon the customer's request, we can supply the cutting assembly also with different slots in order to achieve even finer or coarser structure of the final mixture.

Technical parameters